Viking T1

You may not know it but the Air Cadets operate the largest glider fleet in the UK.

The Viking T1 is a high performance sailplane, which can be winch-launched or aero-towed (cadets are always winch-launched). The aircraft is fitted with a non-retractable tandem undercarriage and upper surface airbrakes. It has tandem seating for a crew of two and is constructed using the latest techniques in industrial glass-reinforced plastic for light weight and strength. The Viking is used for basic training, high-performance flying and simple aerobatic flying

Cadet gliding starts with the gliding induction course where you are taught the basics of how to fly the aircraft.

Once you reach the age of 16 and assuming you have reached leading cadet classification you can apply for a gliding scholarship course.

The gliding scholarship course will train you to a standard where you are permitted to fly solo!

We have even had cadets who have flown a glider solo before they are old enough to drive a car on their own!