How old must I be to join?

In order to join Air Cadets you must be between the ages of 12 (and in school year 8)  and under 17.

I am not quite old enough, can I join the waiting list?

Yes you can.  If you are not quite old enough to join then please contact us anyway.

You are most welcome to visit the squadron with your parents and have a look around.

Once we have your contact details we can let you know when the next intake will be when you can join.

How much does it cost?

Cadets are required to pay ‘subscriptions’ – these are collected on a monthly basis by direct debit.

The charge is currently £13.00/month.

Most the headline activities (powered flying, gliding, shooting etc…) are provided free of charge as most costs for running the Air Cadet organisation are funded by the Royal Air Force.

Uniform is issued free of charge too (uniform must be returned when you leave) but cadets are required to buy their own shoes, boots and socks.

The only other costs that are normally incurred are to attend various camps (e.g. £60 approx for annual camp).

Would I be expected to attend both parade nights each week?

Cadets normally attend both parade nights each week.

However we understand that sometimes homework mounts up or short deadlines are given.

School work always comes first so all we ask if that you cannot attend for whatever reason that you let us know beforehand.

If I become an Air Cadet will I be expected to join the Armed Forces?

NO, most definitely not.

The Air Cadet organisation is not a recruitment vehicle for the Royal Air Force – that function ceased in the years just after the Second World War!

There is absolutely no obligation to join the RAF or any of HM Services.

However if a cadet is considering such a career, then time served in the Air Cadets stands them in very good stead and is looked upon most favourably by the recruitment departments.