Becoming an Air Cadet

How do I join?

Simply go the the ‘Contact Us‘ page  and send us an e-mail with your details.  

We usually like prospective cadets to visit the squadron with their parents, before they start, so they can get a better look at the things we do and ask any questions you may have.

If you have any friends that may be interested in having a look, please feel free to bring them along too.

If you can let us know on what date you would like to visit that would help us.

Around 8:00 pm is usually a good time to arrive.

When can I join?

Well, just like with our parent organisation, the Royal Air Force, new cadets need to go through a period of basic training.

In order to deliver that training we group new entrants into intakes.

Our next intake dates for are:

30th January 2023

5th June 2023

25th September 2023

 If you have any questions regarding joining then check out our FAQ page or drop us an e-mail.